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I have translated my granny’s original recipe which, yet again, was so simple it shows how she is able to make amazing creme brulee with her eyes closed and hardly any instruction. “Leite Creme Quiemado” literally means creamy milk which is burnt…

My first Portuguese Leit Creme Quimado











1.5 litres of semi-skimmed milk

1 cinnamon stick

1 “strip” of lemon rind

9 Tablespoons of sugar plus extra for dusting

3 Tablespoons Maisena (Cornstarch/ thickening agent)

8 egg yolks



1. Warm 1 litre of milk on the hob with the cinamon stick and lemon skin until it just comes to the boil.

2. Seperately, mix the sugar with maizena and egg yolks. Add 1/2 a litre of cold milk.

3. Slowly add the sugar, maizena, egg mixture in to the warm milk, stirring continuously.

4. Increase the heat and keep stirring until the mixture begins to thicken and then pour into the dish7 ramikins where it will be served.

5. Using a table spoon add a layer of sugar over the top of the custard mixture.

6. Using a blowtorch or, in my granny’s case, an old-school branding iron burn the sugar on top so that it firms a crisp layer of caramel on the top.



Creme Brûlée Burner in Action


My granny’s original

Leve 1 litro de leite ao lume com 1 pau de canela e a casca de limão até ferver.  À parte misture 9 colheres de açúcar com 3 colheres de sopa de maisena e 8 gemas. Verta o preparado com o meio litro de leite frio. Aos poucos e mexendo sempre misture com o leite quente.

Leve ao lume sem parar de mexer até engrossar. Retire do calor e elimine a canela e a casca de limão. Passa para o prato que vai servir, polvilha com açúcar e queime com um ferro quente.