When I finally found my little recipe book (it had gone a stray for a few months) it was testament to the fact that my Lurv for baking/ cooking went back further then I thought…

My Recipe Book


You only have to look at it to know that it’s been put to good use and grown over time.

I started this book when I took up ‘French Cooking’ classes as part of the extra curricular activities in Standard 8 (only just 14 years old).

Then I added to it my mom’s recipes and others from friends, websites, magazines… All over. So this book has a real mix of recipes from cakes and cookies (Chris’s famous chocolate chip πŸ˜‰ ) to pizza dough and kasespezzle (I let some savouries in occasionally).

I was also given The Hummingbird Cookbook for Christmas, my one love from my other love.

Hummingbird Bakery Recipe Book

I have written a specific blog post dedicated to Hummingbird but I have dipped into this book a few more times too and usually for some kind of special occasion.

My other main go-to has been The Great British Bakeoff! Truly British recipes but also the TV programme, which is really popular and will tempt me to challenge myself so I have been known to make “nuns” or “Religieuses” this was a gift from Lindz.

The Great British Book of Baking

The third addition to my core recipe books is from Gails. This is a lovely London cafe and the book sparked my interest in trying to bake bread…


Finally, the internet.

Sometimes this can just be out of pure convenience to make sure I pick up the right ingredients when I’m out and about and then I can always look up the “proper” recipe when I get in. You can see which websites I use often in Websites I Lurv.

And for my latest birthday I got more inspiration…