Because I pinch my recipes from all over the place, sometimes the measurements aren’t in metric as I’m used to…

This website is helpful to convert measurements to what you’re used to:

A go-to

I often will feel like baking things that I hear about and see on programmes… but these aren’t always in one of my books so I generally just search for them online and is a good go-to when the results come up. I’ve used the following and they turned out great:

Marry Berry’s Religieuses’

Marry Berry’s Strawberry Sponge

Veggie desserts

There’s a new trend to use vegetables in baking… I’m yet to try these but I’ll report back soon…

I love the name of this website! And it’s contents too… Although I am yet to try and replicate the recipes my next baking escapade will be taking me in the direction of vegetables used in deserts. e.g. ZUCCHINI Brownies! 😮

Also yet to try…

Floating Islands


Jamie Oliver – like him or not, he’s very good at making good food simple. Better for tips on savory food, like a good roast chicken.