Faced with another birthday to treat my friends… I had task on my hands to combine peanut butter and marshmallows – done before in cookie format but as cupcakes.

I really had some fun combining recipes from all over and these have become a solid fave among my friends.

Firstly, what better source for a peanut butter cake recipe than an American website (complete with video of course). I adapted this slightly as I usually work in metric and not imperial measurements…

I got got some mini marshmallows in each cupcake – why not…

Then the icing. The Americans have something called fluff which is essentially a load of melted, soft marshmallow… well… fluff! It’s Devine! But as I didn’t have this to hand in the UK and also, I was looking for the caramel flavour, I went with Cupcake Jemma’s salted caramel buttercream.

Lastly, I coated the peanuts in some of the caramel that I left behind from making the frosting. Gewey, crunchy, sticky seeetness.

Overall, these turned out a bit crunchy on the top, soft and fluffy inside and the salty-sweet combo complemented the flavours perfectly! Give them a try <3

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