Many will know that unicorn poop is all the rage at the moment… meaning rainbow-coloured icing and meringues.

So when my best friend’s birthday came around I knew that the unicorns and rainbows theme suites her to a T. She is all about dreaming big and making your dreams a reality.

Thankfully I had some time on my hands to give these a try. I used one of the videos I found by ‘cupcake Jemma’ from Crumbs and Doilies again. She makes it look so easy!

So, armed with the best food colouring I could find and nice big piping bags I followed her instructions. Except for one detail… the paintbrush!! I would really advise you do this if you’re looking for a subtly-coloured Unicorn poop like the ones in the link…Β Instead, I used a skewer… and ended up with these psychedelic meringues instead… which are quite kewl but not rainbow poops at all!

So, round 2…. I used only a little food colouring and some sprinkles. I found some pre-made cake decorations and coloured classic vanilla buttercream on classic vanilla sponge (with some sprinkles in too for added “funfetti” effect). I was happy with the overall effect – remember, it’s all about the detail: sometimes less is not more. In fact, when it comes to cake, more is more πŸ˜‰

It’s all about the detail – More is more!

For the base I used classic vanilla cupcake recipe from Hummingbird and vanilla buttercream icing. My bestie’s fave 😜

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