Ok, it’s not the first time I’ve tried to bake some healthy recipes… Some may recall my attempts to bake cauliflower based chocolate cake – they avidly supported the endeavour until it made the entire house smell like cauliflower; not the most sought-after of aromas.

Anyway, I’ve heard a lot about deliciously Ella and her great recipes and they definitely are not stinky!! I got this recipe book for my friend and housemate and she’s made some goodies already – starting with Ella’s Cinnamon and Honey Energy Bites. I’ve also spotted her Chocolate Caramel Slices which will be my next pursuit (because I’m really dedicated to finding amazing-tasting treats ;p).

But first I made these healthy carrot cake muffins – Ok, They look a little different to Ella’s but I promise they were  #tasty and super easy to make – You don’t even need a blender or food mixer because you can just mix up all the ingredients by hand.

These are packed with fruit and vegetables and the recipe calls for honey and maple syrup to sweeten so it’s sugar-free, chia seeds mean no eggs are needed and it’s dairy free too using almond milk as an alternative, last but not least, with oats and buckwheat flour they’re gluten free too so yes – I’ve made these vegan muffins and LOVED them!!

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