I know, it’s about time… here we are in July and I looked back to see that I have completely neglected my blog so much so that I’ve missed out on sharing my first icing-mould experience to decorate Pink Champagne Birthday Cupcakes, Easter Chocolate Cupcakes, house-warming Banana Bread and finally, a little pug cupcake favourite as decoration on Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cupcakes.

Yes, a lot of yummy things if I may say so myself, I will be posting all the recipes in the next couple of weeks.


What’s really given me a kick up the backside to get back on the baking was my birthday last month… I was totally spoilt in all sorts of ways but the best was to see how well old friends know me. I was given beautiful mini ramekins and a tin in which to put recipes which will come in handy to put recipe’s such as my granny’s which she sends me via e-mail 😉


So let’s get to the point, all of this, mini-ramekins, granny’s recipe’s and the awsome blow-torch my mom got me for christmas makes the perfect combination to make creme brûlée. Interestingly the recipe my granny sent me is actually for Leite Creme Quiemado so I thought I would just check what the difference is…

It turns out there is a difference between the Portuguese recipe my granny sent me and a French Creme Brûlée. Leite de Creme is done on the hob with cinnamon and Creme Brûlée is baked in a bain marie and usually vanilla-infused… Both involve a custard-like base and caramelised sugar on top.

Lets see which version people prefer… And no better time to try the difference then on the day of the Euro 2016 finals between Portugal and France 😉



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