In case you’re at home and feeling really homely after all of the Christmas madness, these suite the season and are super easy to make…

Florentines seem to be an art in and of themselves but the beauty is that you can really be a bit creative which most biscuit recipes don’t allow for too much of. Essentially, Florentines are crisp biscuits comprising of dried/ candied fruit and nuts and bound together by butter syrup, honey or, in the case of this amazing recipe, Salted Caramel Sauce (available at M&S).

I found this recipe via M&S and they have a video which shows how easy they can be made by adding all ingredients (100g of each) into a saucepan… So no need for fancy mixers or equipment. They’re also really quick in the oven and cool in about 30mins so you can put chocolate on the bottom and be done in a couple of hours…


Wrapping them up is optional of course, you could place them on a plate and sprinkle some edible glitter on in keeping with the festivities.

Florentines can be dipped into white, dark or milk chocolate but the ultimate Christmas topping is orange-flavoured chocolate… Just right!

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