So, birthdays are all about the cake right? I seem to keep friends in high places who really get how this works…
For my birthday I got treated rotten with, among other things, 3 Kondotor & Cook chocolate brownies (classic, salted caramel and white chocolate), a hummingbird red velvet AND a home-made exquisite rainbow cake complete with jam between layers and cream-cheese frosting!
So most would think this is more then enough but then I got given even more cake… Although yet to be made. I received the newest Hummingbird Bakery Recipe Book and it has literally opened a new world of baking for me…
The new Hummingbird Bakery recipe book is far more American-themed then it’s predecessor. It has a whole new section on cookies and some very interesting flavour combinations (including tomato cupcakes and …).
Needless to say I was inspired again. I have discovered that cookies may be my best trade yet. Lookout for the next post to see what I baked first…
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