Yes, I have used Nick’s birthday as a reason to bake in the past… But this time we got really inspired. Again, we wanted to give Nick a tailor-made cake and he certainly got one.

Because of his love for all things boxing related we had a lot to work with… Boxing gloves, a winning belt, a boxing ring…

So we went for the boxing ring… Cop-out? Maybe, but there was still plenty to do to get it looking like this:


Cheated slightly with bought coloured fondant icing. This was essential for the base. You can sometimes buy these at big supermarkets or specialist cake shops (e.g. Lakeland). I used white and rolled it out to cover the cake. I used blue to ‘frame’ the outside edge by just wrapping around a strip I cut out. Then it’s about thinking creatively with sweeties to replace the ropes and corners with edible goodies. I used candy cigarettes and wrapped them in black fondant and shoelaces for the ropes.

Finally, the most important bit which really makes the cake pop… The branding. This is less of my area of expertise so this is where the teamwork came in 😉 Once you’ve found the right images you can send them to be printed on sugar paper in edible ink and DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR!

We used and were very happy.

Then comes the meticulous work. Sticking the sugar paper to the fondant. It’s not hard but takes patience, care and a lot of time to get it looking right!


Finally, You can use writing icing pens to personalise…


You can use any cake for the base but I used a decadent Chocolate Chiffon and Chocolate custard under the icing and between the sponge.


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