When I look back at these cupcakes I can see how my baking skills have really grown.

I have always grown up in a household where the Practical Magic quote

In this house we have chocolate cake for breakfast

has been alive and well.

Practical Magic Blender

My mom has always had freshly baked treats around and made baking look so easy! So I never had to… But my love for all things sweet has lived on even when I moved away to uni. Unfortunately, the love for cakes homemade goodies did not match my uni facilities (*ahem*) and I didn’t do much baking until I moved to London.

In this house we have chocolate cake for breakfast

And then I got this wonderful mini cupcake maker as a birthday gift. It literally makes dozens and dozens of mini cupcakes and really quickly.

You can use any recipe/ mix although and will need to get mini cupcake cases. These can be difficult to come by so I


have also improvised at times by cutting normal-sized cupcake cases and these hold fine with the weight of the batter.

In this case I used a vanilla sponge and added white chocolate and cranberry… obviously :).

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