Easter is about family and friends… and chocolate… and treating… indulgence I’d say.

In that spirit, when I knew I was venturing up North I thought I would see what special requests would come my way and I was instructed to bake something on the basis of white chocolate. I found an ideal recipe on BBC Good Food which was a White Chocolate Easter sponge. It certainly looked the part but now I had to ensure it fulfilled the spec.

Firstly was the mission of finding Mini Eggs at Easter – Easy right? Nope. I scoured a few stores and then, after finding a possible alternative of Smartie Eggs (not the same but they would do as a back up), finally found some.

Mini Eggs

Next, this was a very unusual batter, quite liquid so it took quite a while in the oven. I would recommend to leave it in for the full 1 hour if not a little longer – you really don’t have to worry about this cake being dry – if anything you could risk it being a bit doughy.

Another amazing milestone of this cake was my new toy: A fully-kitted but neat London-sized Kenwood mixer! This was the first time I used it and Wow! What a difference it made…


And then, on Easter Sunday – The sun came out! We managed to place little eggs all around the garden for the kids (although I think some of it was for us) and I also got given an awsum little Easter parcel, as usual :p


We also had another little star baker in the house who produced her signature roulade AND made cupcakes to match!

Chocolate Roulade

Perfect Easter all-round.

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  1. Thanks! I hope there are some useful and FUN ideas here… Always happy to try new things so send some recipes my way (although that yummy roulade may be a top secret :p ) ! **

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