So cupcakes are a go-to when it comes to creative baking… and I was loving being creative but the results weren’t showing up how I’d hoped. So I learnt…

I visited a cupcake-decorating workshop

Cupcake Decorating Workshop

I remember this day exactly – The hottest day of 2012 and I had to make it to Borough where 4 Northern Lad were watching what I came to know as “the most important match ever” and Huddersfield Town was the star… and maybe these cupcakes a little 😉

Cupcake Decorating

I learnt all kinds of neat tricks about working with fondant and buttercream icing… pretty colours and shapes and I haven’t repeated these yet. Shameful! I’ll make it a goal to make pretty cupcakes again soon!

But what I really learnt was about a man’s bond with football! 😉

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